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The Chimney Sweeps Offer A Freindley And reliable Service In The South East.

We Are Experts In All Chimney Works From Sweeping Chimneys Two Fitting Wood Burning Stoves By Our Hetas Engineers, We Can Fit Chimney Cowls To Help With The Draw Of Your Chimney And Bird Guards To Keep The Jackdaws Out As Well As Rain.

With Our Chimney Sweeping We Will Leave You A Certificate To Inform You Of The Condition Of The FirePlace And Flue That We Have Swept.


1. The flueways in the chimney and flue pipe must be cleaned regularly to remove all soot deposits and prevent blockage of the flue. This should be done at least twice a year, preferably before the heating season to check that the flue has not been blocked by bird's nests for example and also at the end of the heating season to prevent soot deposits from resting in the chimney during the dormant period. Call the chimney sweeps to get your chimney swept soon.

2. When using a new installation the flueways should be checked at least monthly, so that an adequate cleaning cycle can be determined in relation to the use of the appliance. The risk of heavy tar and soot deposits is greatly increased if unsuitable fuel is burnt, which can result in a chimney fire or corrosion damage. If you are needing a chimney sweep contact us now.

3. Sweeping with a brush and rods is the only recommended method of cleaning, because other materials such as mortar in old flues, loose bricks or bird's nests etc. can block a flue. For this reason vacuum or chemical chimney cleaners cannot be recommended as an alternative to sweeping. Some chemical cleaners can corrode metal in the chimney and appliance. We use these talls so to get a chimney sweep round soon contact the chimney sweeps.

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